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A circus that lives in these times:
a piano as acrobat
countless sheep juggling through your head
a broom for trapeze…
use your own body as a tent
while your thoughts are the ring

In ‘Carrousel des moutons’,see crystal-clear with both eyes closed
black as night there sleep is more exciting than staying awake
the absolutely impossible is right here and now:
dirque & fien in wonderland

This is a show that steals time from perception
supple as silk sheets, bouncy as a bumper ball
‘Carrousel des moutons’ has the simple directness of street theatre,
the tender intimacy of a music box,
and the utter power of a circus in its purest essence

For children and adults
for indoors in theatres
for outdoors at festivals

A show without words that will render you speechless



creation: Dirk Van Boxelaere – Fien Van Herwegen


indispesable help: Leandre Ribera www.leandre.es
music compositians: Alain Reubens
technique: Nicolas Charpin
lightning technique : Bram Waelkens

illustrations: Jan Bosschaert www.janbosschaert.be
machinerie: De Beule Technics www.debeuletechnics.be
costume: Monique Jacobs
Roos Pillards

Roos & Rik – Geertje & Christ – Kobe & Lotte – Leandre – Matt Ledding – Charlie Vanhecke
Ilse Daems – Paul Van Herwegen – Amandine petit monsieur – Ingrid Swaelens – Ina Peeters –
festivals en public! …



In 1993 ….. Dirk came in contact with street artists. He changed his electrical tools for juggling clubs and a unicycle.

After 4 months working in a little gym he played his first streetperformance in Antwerp . With the money he made, playing streetshows in Europe, he paid his studies in his favorite circus schools.



After his studies at Esac in Brussels and l’Ecole National de cirque in Montreal, Dirk and Matt Ledding, his Canadian colleague preferred performing on the street than working in a circus. In Los Angeles (USA) and Madrid(SP) they created “Tobe 2”. With this duo show the are one of the first companies who combined the direct interaction of street theater and technical circus art.

When the French festival milieu discovered their work , they changed their nomad life for organised festival tours all over the world. Between 1997 and 2001 they performed 749 shows in European festivals and were invited in Japan,Amerika and Canada. When Matt found his love in Madrid, Spain( he is now married to Sonia and has a lovely daughter Ana) Dirk decided to prepare a new solo show in Barcelona.


Between 2001 and 2005 Dirk enjoyed the interaction and improvisation in his solo “Tais toi et jongle!” which are combined with circus skills. Out of the Europeen tours , Dirk had the honor to be invited to Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela.

When Dirk broke his leg he asked Fien Van Herwegen, a pianist from Antwerp, for private piano lessons.


He still earns the lessons, but together they made( in 2005) their duo show “Oh suivant”. Fien’s piano playing stimulates Dirk to refine his technique and to keep his mouth shut.

Thanks to the non spoken subtle simplicity, the show plays in festivals and in theatre. Dirk & Fien are invited in Europe, Jordanie,Israël, Korea and Ile de la Reunion.



Dirk & Fien build a absolute trust with their shows. They’ve earned the confidance of festivals and public, this gave them the opportunity to invest in a bigger new project.

Carrousel des moutons is the natural evolution of Dirk & Fien. This is an intimate show with the pure power of circus, the interaction of streettheater, and the poetry of theatre
Circus from here and now.



Dirk Van Boxelaere

nationality : Belge °7 avril 1970
languages: Dutch, English, French, Spanish

1991 – 1994 : percussion
1994 – 1996 : Ecole de cirque de Bruxelles (Belgique) intensive artistic formation
1996 – 1997 : Ecole Nationale de cirque de Montréal (Canada) intensive artistic formation

professional experience
1996 creation – play: ‘l’union fait la farce’ : school show ESAC
1997 creation – play:‘cool’ : solo cabaret number, cirque, jonglage play:‘circo paradiso’ : new circus show, Montréal
1997 – 1998 creation – play: ‘Piereke just’ : acrobatic juggling duo Matt Ledding
1998 – 2001 creation – play:‘Tobe2’ : streettheatre duo with Matt Ledding
2002 play:‘freaks’ : theatre production FroeFroe
2001 – 2005 creation – play: ‘Tais-toi et jongle !’ : solo show with high level circus skills
2005 – …creation – play: ‘Oh suivant !’ intimate circusshow accompanied with live piano
2010 – …creation – play: ‘Carrousel des moutons’ with the indispensable help of Leandre Ribera

Fien Van Herwegen
nationality : Belge °1 may 1980
spoken languages : Dutch, English, French, Spanish

1989 – 1999 : music academy Edegem, piano
1998 – 2002 : fine arts St. Lucas Anvers (Belgium)
2000 – 2001 : photography Rovaniemi (Finland)

professional experiences
1999 – 2003 BIL Improvisation liga Belgium
2005 – … creation – play: ‘Oh suivant !’ intimate circusshow accompanied with live piano
2010 – … creation – play: ‘Carrousel des moutons’ with the indispensable help of Leandre Ribera

pictures / video


vzw Tobe 2 - Dirk Van Boxelaere - Zoerselsteenweg 20 - 2980 Zoersel - België -
+32 477 232 649 | +33 6 49 58 56 50

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